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Anniversary Of Korean War Armistice Recognized In Bucks County

Provided by the County of Bucks: 

Credit: County of Bucks

On a cool, overcast Thursday, the Board of Bucks County Commissioners hosted the Bucks County Yong Dung Po Chapter of the Korean War Veterans Association to conduct the 17th annual county Korean War Armistice Day Ceremony. The Bucks County Courthouse Memorial Courtyard was filled with 21 Korean War veterans – all of whom stood to be recognized – their families and a Marine Corps detail on the 64th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice. The occasion is an annual remembrance of the 38 Bucks Countians who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the Korean War.

Emceed by 86-year-old Korean War veteran Jerry Jonas, who was a 22-year-old when the guns went silent, the ceremony represents “a very special day for veterans of the Korean War. For those of us who served, it’s hard to believe 64 years have passed. If I close my eyes, it seems like only weeks.” Mr. Jonas also remembered fellow veteran Kenneth Goodrow, who passed away during the last year.

Commissioner Chairman Charley Martin welcomed the attendees, noting that the Korean War Memorial structure recently was refurbished by the Bucks County General Services division. He thanked all the assembled veterans for their service, including the uniformed members of the 14th Marine Artillery Regiment who remain on active duty. Chairman Martin added that he has attended all but one of the 17 county Korean War ceremonies during his commissioner tenure. He concluded with a quote from President Calvin Coolidge, who famously said, “No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”

Bucks County Director of Veterans Affairs Dan Fraley delivered the keynote address, painting a story of hardship and sacrifice that Korean veterans authored. “I didn’t realize how bloody the Korean War was until I did some research,” he said, noting that conditions reached 50 below zero at times during the war. “There were 131 Medals of Honor awarded during Korea, because of the American spirit I believe.”

Sen. Robert Casey sent his best wishes through a member of his staff, offering an Abraham Lincoln quote about those who fight in the United States Armed Services must be prepared to offer “the last full measure of devotion.”

During the Korean War, approximately 37,000 American soldiers were killed and 102,000 were wounded before the guns fell silent after three years of continuous fighting. Another 8,200 remain missing to this day.

Honored veterans, family members and dignitaries laid wreaths and 38 long-stemmed red roses at the Korean Memorial. The ceremony concluded with a rifle salute in the Memorial courtyard. A full list of those honored during the hour-long event is below:




Harold L. Adams – U.S. Army                                     John J. McDonnell – U.S. Army

Auston W. Beetle – U.S. Air Force                               Raymond H. Miller – U.S. Army

Herbert Besch, Jr. – U.S. Army                                    James L. Niblick – U.S. Army

Matthew J. Biedka – U.S. Air Force                            Robert J. Ortlip – U.S. Navy

Robert E. Brown – U.S. Army                                      Warren E. Palmer – U.S. Army

Donald L. Clayton – U.S. Marine Corps                      Paul E. Riess – U.S. Army

Harry Y. Eisenbray – U.S. Navy                                  Clarence F. Rotenberger – U.S. Army

Hans W. Grahl – U.S. Marine Corps                            John M. Rozear, Jr. – U.S. Army

Warren H. Harms – U.S. Army                                    Christopher Schlitz – U.S. Army

Thurle L. Hileman – U.S. Army                                   Thomas F. Solometo – U.S. Army

John J. Holden – U.S. Army                                         John M.L. Stern, Jr. – U.S. Army

John D. Hunsberger – U.S. Marine Corps                   George W. Supplee – U.S. Air Force

Norbert G. Hurt – U.S. Army                                       John J. Truan – U.S. Army

Casimir P. Kaczor – U.S. Army                                    William F. Underdown – U.S. Army

Edward B. Keller – U.S. Army                                     Richard Vaneekhoven – U.S. Army

Harold D. Kellett – U.S. Army                                     Walter G. Wieckowski – U.S. Army

William R. Lewis – U.S. Marine Corps                         William J. Wiley – U.S. Army

Attilio M. Lupacchini – U.S. Marine Corps                 Gracian H. White – U.S. Army

Bruce F. Mathewson – U.S. Marine Corps                   Bernard M. Young – Marine Corps

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