State Police Remind Drivers Of School Bus Laws

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Pennsylvania State Police are reminding drivers to be wary of school buses and traveling students as the school year quickly approaches.

Over 1,000 drivers are cited each year in Pennsylvania for a school bus violation, violations of which have serious consequences, including five points on your license, $250 fine and a 60 day license suspension.

Troopers have issued a reminder on their Facebook page to stop a minimum of 10 feet behind or in front of a school bus loading or unloading children. Drivers do not have to stop if there is a barrier separating their lane of travel from a school bus traveling in the opposing lane of travel.

State police asked that drivers leave additional time for commuting during school bus route times in the morning and afternoon, and avoid distracted driving like talking or texting on a cellphone or drinking coffee. Drivers should also be extra cautious of smaller children who may not pay attention to surrounding traffic.

For children waiting at the bus stop, the state police have asked children not to talk to strangers and to stand at least three giant steps from the curb.

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