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Ivanka Trump Stops In Bucks County To Sell Tax Reform

Ivanka Trump speaking in Northampton Monday.
Credit: ABC News/Pool photo

President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter visited a friendly crowd Monday afternoon in Bucks County and pitched tax reform.

Ivanka Trump, who serves as an advisor along with her husband to her father, and U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza took part in a town hall discussion on the Republican tax reform plan. The event was moderated by former Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, a Republican from New York.

The 55-minute town hall was held at the James Kinney Senior Center in Northampton. The audience was friendly to the president’s daughter, a businesswoman in her own right, and several were spotted wearing “Make America Great Again!” hats.

Ivanka Trump and Carranza covered a variety of topics, including growing the economy, creating jobs, impact on entrepreneurs, families and the middle-class.

“Tax reform is critical … it’s been many decades since the code was looked at. The realities of the modern working American family have changed dramatically since then. This is a bi-partisan discussion. Americans want tax reforms. They want simplicity,” Ivanka Trump told the crowd.

She blamed the complicated nature of the tax code on special interests and said it had left modern American families behind. She also stated tax reform would increase American competitiveness.

“We have to have policies that mirror our values – work and family,” Ivanka Trump said.

The cost of raising children and taking care of families have “increased really dramatically” while wages have stayed stagnant, Ivanka Trump said. She said reforming the tax code and making childcare costs refundable against payroll taxes is “critically important.” She also said double the deduction for families would be a benefit.

“There are many elements of this tax plan that are squarely targeted at creating job and growth in this country and offering relief for our middle income families,” Ivanka Trump said.

The president’s daughter said the child tax credit will have a “very big difference in the lives of families.”

Ivanka Trump also talked about the need to assist those faced with the challenge of caring for aging family members.

Carranza, who worked her way up the corporate ladder and has served in government, said she spoke with Ivanka Trump about tax reform and its importance on the way to the town hall.

During the town hall, Carranza mentioned media reports that the Republican’s tax reform plan would reduce the amount of pretax money Americans can put in their 401K plan. She told the audience the 401K plans will not be touched. However, she noted that the 401K is always under federal review.

The nation’s treasurer said tax reform could bring $2 trillion back from overseas, allow companies to grow and aid entrepreneurs and all families.

“This tax reform is definitely going to put funds back in the household,” she said.

Ivanka Trump told the crowd that regulatory reviews imposed by her father have had an “enormous impact” on small businesses.

“Even if their intentions were good, the consequences and execution far outweighed them … nobody says zero regulation,” she said.

“Part of the reason the economy is soaring is part of her program of regulation,” she said as the crowd clapped.

Ivanka Trump and Carranza both said the country has to work to encourage the next generation to be skilled and competitive.

U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza
Credit: ABC News/Pool photo

During a question period, Ivanka Trump and Carranza stressed the importance of the next generation and the impact they will have on the workforce and economy. The presidential advisor said she hopes minorities and women don’t get left behind.

Ivanka Trump said the “most viable path” for all young people might not be college but a skilled trade.

As a college trustee for a woman’s college in the Mid-West, Carranza said debt concerns burdens many families with children looking at college. She said many provisions in the tax code to ease the burden will stay.

Two Council Rock middle school students asked Ivanka Trump what were some lessons to take back to their peers. The president’s daughter told them “coding is cool” and encouraged them to “use their voices.”

Before leaving the stage, Ivanka Trump playfully asked: “is there anything more invigorating than getting out of Washington?”

Many in the room of about 250 people took photos of Ivanka Trump and some were able to snap selfies before she walked under Secret Service escort out of the room.

State Rep. Scott Petri and Bucks County Republican Committee Chairwoman Pat Poprik were in attendance for the event.

Across the senior center, about two dozen protesters stood along the road. Many of the protestors held signs asking the president not to give tax breaks to the rich and cut Medicaid.

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