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Upper Makefield Police Calm Residents After Concern

Credit: Upper Makefield Police Department/Facebook

Upper Makefield police took to social media Sunday to comment on concern over rumored break-ins and suspicious people in two neighborhoods.

Police said the concerns has involved the Buckland Valley Farms and River Knoll communities. They said much of what neighbors have been hearing is “factually not true.”

From police:

Over this past week officers responded to these two developments for two calls which were the catalyst for so much concern. One call involved someone reporting two people in their backyard for which they were reportedly “scared off”. Officers found these two subjects and confirmed they were neighbors with no nefarious intentions.

The other call involved a resident who couldn’t sleep and when they came downstairs around 330am, they saw a large figure standing at their sliding glass door. They triggered their alarm system and we responded. A thorough check of the area was conducted and no one was found. A check of the rear sliding glass doors and other windows revealed no signs of attempted forced entry and no fingerprints.

So to reiterate, there have been NO break-ins or burglaries or attempted burglaries for these developments. We do NOT have any information at this time that should be cause for an overabundance of concern. In response to these type of calls, we always increase patrols and check to see if other areas, not only within the township but outside our township, are reporting similar activity. Our only request remains the same, please be vigilant and call us immediately if you see something suspicious. Do not wait to check with neighbors, to post to social media, speak with family, call 911 instead. It is our job which we love to do. Also, do not private message us for an incident that requires our immediate attention. Always call 911 as that ensures our fastest response and gets help to you when you need it!

We love and enjoy the relationship we share with all of you and we know through continued cooperation and communication we can keep Upper Makefield one of the safest communities in Bucks County!! Thank you for your support and we hope this information helps..

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