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Weintraub Announces Run For District Attorney

Matt Weintraub announcing his candidacy.
Credit: Tom Sofield/NewtownPANow.com

The temperature was cold but District Attorney Matt Weintraub’s passion for his job was hot Tuesday morning as he gathered with a bipartisan group of lawyers and politicians to formally announce his run for the county’s top law enforcement position.

Weintraub, a Republican who took the office in September after Dave Heckler stepped down with a little more than a year left on his term, told reporters he thinks he has the knowledge, skills and heart to continue to lead the prosecutor’s office that oversees dozens of staff, including clerks, attorneys and detectives.

“This job is tough and it weighs tough,” Weintraub said. “It takes courage.”

“He checks all the boxes,” said Heckler, the retired Republican district attorney. “He’s the total package.”

Former District Attorney Dave Heckler speaking on Weintraub’s behalf.
Credit: Tom Sofield/NewtownPANow.com

“I would not have left if I were not certain [Weintraub] is the total package,”he added.

Along with Heckler’s comments supporting Weintraub, former First Assistant District Attorney Michelle Henry, who now is slated for the number two job in the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, voiced her support for Weintraub and his work in Bucks County.

Weintraub announced that his election to the seat he was appointed to last September would bring updates to the District Attorney’s Office, including improved cloud-based data management, efficiencies and more resources to fight heroin addiction and help those impacted.

Credit: Tom Sofield/NewtownPANow.com

The Doylestown resident who grew up in Upper Southampton and attended William Tennent High School said he plans to lead the office with “heart and compassion.” He pleaded to make sure victims are heard.

When coming to work at the Justice Center in Doylestown, Weintraub said he thinks of Bucks County’s 650,000 residents and the many more who work, vacation or travel through the area and how to keep them safe.

Weintraub spoke to LevittownNow.com briefly about reducing incarceration rates and said he fully supports programs that will reduce the prison population and ensure the person doesn’t reoffend.

Incoming First Deputy Attorney General Michelle Henry speaking.
Credit: Tom Sofield/NewtownPANow.com

In 1992, Weintraub interned at the  district attorney’s office before being hired full-time in 1993. He eventually left the office for other employment and was hired back in 2011. He most recently oversaw criminal prosecution, including major crimes.

Since being appointed following Heckler’s retirement, the veteran prosecutor has overseen three cases that have garnered national media attention, including the Levittown pizza shop self-defense shooting and the Grace Parker murder case.

No other Republican and Democratic challengers for the district attorney seat have been formally announced.

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