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Police Explain Why Veterans Park Was Closed For Fourth Of July Fireworks

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The Fourth of July fireworks in Newtown Township lit up the night sky, but the parking situation annoyed some people.

The Veterans Park lot off Durham Road was closed due to a request to township officials from the fireworks vendor. The closure was only brought to township officials’ attention at a 3 p.m. meeting, police said.

They added that the vendor had some last-minute concerns over vehicles parking so close to the fireworks staging area near the baseball fields.

Police said the last-minute change caused up to 50 percent of the parking to be lost for the event and impacted attendance.

Police said they “apologize for the inconvenience that this caused.”

Despite the problem with parking, the fireworks put on by theĀ Greater Newtown Republican Club were a well received. They returned the tradition to Newtown Township after a break last year.

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