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By Jan Grossman, Esq.

In Pennsylvania, one adult may legally adopt another adult with little or no red tape or hassle. This means that for a variety of good reasons, you can lovingly take the strong bond you feel with another adult to the next level by becoming their legal parent or child. Within a couple of short months, the person who has always been “like a mother to you,” can legally be your mother. If someone has treated you like and taken care of you as a parent, perhaps even better than your own children, that loving person could be just weeks away from legally being your own child, new birth certificate and all. If you are an adult, your natural parents cannot stop you from being legally adopted by someone you feel closer to. It’s 100% your choice. Your natural parents may not even know.

The emotional and legal benefits can be fantastic for both parties:

1. The actual adoption process, unlike many other forms of legal action, can be a celebratory act of love that deepens already loving feelings between the two participants and allows others all around them to share in the joy.

2. Knowing that you and a loved are now “parent and child” can positively change your lives and relationship forever.

3. For those who have lost natural parents or children, this simple legal act can help you to feel whole again.

4. For children who had abusive, toxic, or estranged relations with their natural parents, this can be a fresh start with an adult who has treated you with kindness and who you voluntarily, with a clear and public choice, welcome as a parent.

5. For a parent who has lost a child through death or through the modern horrors of drug abuse, adopting someone you have come to love can be a reaffirmation of your ability to nurture and a chance to feel whole again.

6. For all parties including other loved ones a real, legally recognized, brand new family can be formed, based on mature, sincere and loving adult commitment.

7. For grandparents who, for whatever reason, have been the “real parents” to their grandchild, once that child turns eighteen, what has always been an emotional reality can, almost overnight, turn into a legal actuality.

8. An adopted adult child becomes your heir. It is much easier and less expensive estate tax-wise for you to leave them an inheritance.

9. It is much, much, easier for an adopted child to assist you when you are ill, make medical decisions for you, be your health advocate, or be active in end of life directives.

10. If you adopt another adult, their children become your grandchildren. If you already close to these children, you really become “Grandma” or “Grandpa.” In the case of custody litigation, you can actually then gain Grandparent’s custody rights to protect your ongoing relationship with your grandchild in case of family tragedy or break-up.

11. As in the video below, as a step-child this is the ideal way to thank the “real Mom” or “real Dad” that was always there for you. Giving this “gift of joy” is perfect for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, that step-parent’s birthday, or at no special time at all, just to show your love at the most committed level.

At WE CARE LEGAL SERVICES, 1-855-LAW-FAMILY,, we are available 24/7 to discuss your adoption questions and concerns. There is no charge to come in and discuss the possibilities. We will privately and carefully review the emotional impact and legal implications of adult adoptions for you and your loved ones. We will answer all of your questions. With enough notice, we can even time the adoption process for that special moment or time in your life.

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