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Heard A Rumor About The #Missing4 Tragedy? So Have Police

By Charlie Sahner | New Hope Free Press

Credit: Tom Sofield/

The proverbial rumor mill was working overtime on Tuesday in Bucks County, churning out new theories to explain why four young men lost their lives at a farm in Solebury Township.

The intense curiosity and speculation are understandable. To many, the bare facts of the case just don’t add up. Four boys killed on pot deals gone bad? And robbed by a rich kid?

In the absence of immediate answers, a variety of explanations have sprung up, many involving a cover-up, conspiracy, and/or prior crime. But chances are that if your uncle in Doylestown or co-worker in New Hope have heard The Big Rumor, so have law enforcement officials.

In fact, no stone is being left unturned in the ongoing investigation, officials said.

“This is a case of intense public interest,” observed a spokesperson for Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub. “There’s always going to be theories and ideas about what may or may not have happened. If there are allegations or issues not yet investigated, they will be.”

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A colleague described Weintraub as “determined, dogged, and thorough,” and said his main motivation at this point is uncovering the truth.

“If we receive additional information or allegations of additional crimes or potential defendants, those leads will be investigated,” said the spokeperson for the DA’s office.

“Cosmo’s admission wasn’t closure,” said one person with knowledge of the investigation. “The rumors are bullsh*t. There are no clear answers yet.”

Back in Solebury, police are working around the clock to keep up “standard patrols” while continuing to assist in the investigation. Members of the Solebury Township Police Department have cancelled vacations and are working 16 to 18-hour shifts, but community support has kept morale high, according to a police spokesperson.

Credit: Tom Sofield/

“Doing a thorough job takes time,” explained New Hope Police Chief Mike Cummings, who said that his department has not been needed thus far for back up in the investigation. “It will all come out. Matt will do his job, he’s a professional, he cares about the families.”

Although not directly involved, Cummings said he’s questioned about the tragedy of the four young men wherever he goes.

“‘What’s going on, do you know anything about it’ I get asked,” said Cummings. “It’s such an intense topic. Nobody understands what happened. They just want to know ‘why.’ This is something unheard of.”

“Let’s do our job, let’s do it right, let’s do it professionally,” he continued. “Let’s be patient.”

Solebury police on Tuesday continued assisting the investigation at the farm where the remains of Tom Meo, Mark Sturgis, Jimi Taro Patrick and Dean Finocchiaro were located last week. Cosmo DiNardo, of Bensalem, and Sean Kratz, of Northeast Philadelphia, are being held without bail in connection with the killings.

Solebury Police Chief Dominick Bellizzie will thank the public and local businesses at Tuesday night’s 7 p.m. meeting of the Solebury Township Board of Supervisors for their support during the grueling murder investigation at a local farm.He will also take questions from the public, although fresh revelations into the ongoing investigation are not expected. Bellizzie’s message will be one of gratitude and reassurance, according to a spokesperson.

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