Governor Signs Executive Order To Create Statewide Commission On LGBTQ Affairs

Wolf speaking in Harrisburg in 2016.
Credit: State of PA

The governor signed an executive order that created the nation’s first statewide Commission on LGBTQ Affairs.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf said the Pennsylvania Commission on LGBTQ Affairs will be made up of 40 members.

“The creation of the Commission on LGBTQ Affairs is one step of many we have taken to ensure obstacles are removed for anyone who is facing an unfair disadvantage based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression,” Wolf said. “It’s a step we took together with our stakeholder and advocacy groups and one that those involved asked for – a commission to help coordinate and drive statewide equality efforts.”

Todd Snovel will be the executive director of the Commission on LGBTQ Affairs. He previously led a team that worked on inclusion at Lebanon Valley College.

The new commission joined Wolf’s existing groups, including African-American Affairs, Asian Pacific American Affairs, Latino Affairs, and the Commission for Women.

“When I became governor, we saw that change was needed and we made it happen. Better yet, we are still making it happen and will do so until every Pennsylvanian can live, work, love, and thrive in our state with an assuredness of support and safety,” Wolf said.

Pennsylvania Commission on LGBTQ Affairs commissioners are:

  • Chair – Anne Wakabayashi
  • Co-Vice-Chair – Shaashawn Dial
  • Co-Vice-Chair – Tyler Titus
  • Ben Allatt
  • Rich Askey
  • Mark Barbee
  • Chris Bartlett
  • Rosemary Browne
  • Patricia Bucek
  • Kathy Cameron
  • Joanne Carroll
  • Marc Coleman
  • Katharine Dalke
  • Jim DePoe
  • Senator Lawrence Farnese
  • Representative Dan Frankel
  • Elicia Gonzales
  • Amber Hikes
  • Jodi Hirsh
  • Malcolm Kenyatta
  • Michele Kessler
  • Jason Landau Goodman
  • Maryellen Madden
  • Jere Mahaffey
  • Michael Mahler
  • Adil Mansoor
  • Adanjesús Marín
  • Sean Meloy
  • Gerald Montano
  • Sebastian Pelaez
  • Brian Patchcoski
  • Sarah Rosso
  • Kristin Seale
  • Adrian Shanker
  • Henry Sias
  • Representative Brian Sims
  • Sean Strub
  • Roberto “Tito” Valdes
  • Harry Young
  • Heshie Zinman

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