PA GOP Chairman Tells Bucks County Crowd Democrats Have ‘Denigrated The Constitution’

Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio speaking in Northampton Thursday evening.
Credit: Tom Sofield/NewtownPANow.com

The head of Pennsylvania’s Republican party had harsh word for Democrats before a crowd of supporters Thursday night at town hall hosted by gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner.

Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio said that “the left,” referring to Democrats, have “denigrated the Constitution and the founders and the founding and our principles.”

“You have to understand the scope of the battle we’re in,” he said. “It used to be we fought about whether we have higher taxes or welfare reform.”

“The left has to finally admit that they don’t like the principles upon which this country was founded. And that’s where we are.”

DiGiorgio focused additional comments on Democratic candidates who have more liberal views and said Republicans have to make the case that socialism is not the track America should take.

“It’s up to us to educate, especially youth,” DiGiorgio said.

Young Republicans across the state are working to tell their peers about the “virtues of the free market” and are backed by large investments by the state and national party, according to DiGiorgio.

The state party chairman questioned why millenials, which polling has shown have little confidence in government, would want to support candidates who would give more control to the government.

“We are in a war and we need your help,” DiGiorgio told Republicans, urging them to support local candidates and work to get out the vote.

Scott Wagner Stumps In Bucks County, Supports Property Tax Elimination

While it’s not uncommon in the area for politicos to frame elections as battles or wars, it is not every day that the leader of a major party slams the opposing team as countering American ideals and principles in a public setting.

South Philadelphia-native DiGiorgio mentioned vile comments that were hurled at Republicans during Vice President Mike Pence’s recent visit to Philadelphia. He also took issue with being called a xenophobe, noting his wife is from Argentina.

Wagner followed DiGiorgio by stating he has met with many “decent conservative Democrats” on the campaign trail.

“We have a very big tent and we are going welcome everyone under our tent,” he added.

Bristol Township native and former Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley spoke to LevittownNow.com following DiGiorgio’s comments and said he finds working with Democrats and Republicans on tough issues a solid approach.

“What we all need to do is remember that American is the greatest nation that ever graced God’s Earth,” he said.

Recalling growing up in Levittown, Cawley said he has been friends with Democrats for years and respects them.

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