Turn Back The Clock: Annual Time Shift Official Early Sunday

It’s time to turn your clocks back one hour.

The bi-annual tradition of changing the clocks happens at 2 a.m. Sunday and will see clocks moving back one hour.

The change that will happen in Pennsylvania and the majority of states is not observed universally. Hawaii and most of Arizona opt out of the time change along with numerous American territories. It has been reported that 70 countries also take part in some form of seasonal time change, according to

Maine and Massachusetts have mulled plans that would end daylight saving time in their states. The proposal would have those states entering the Atlantic Time Zone, which is used by eastern Canadian provinces, Bermuda and a few other places on the edge of the Eastern Time Zone. Just recently, the European Commission proposed ending daylight saving time and said the tradition is outdated.

Breeding Season, Time Change Increases Deer Risk For Drivers

The Washington Post reports that research shows changing the clocks had little impact on electrical usage and can be bad for health. However, they reported the tourism industry would likely be against the plan due to early summer sunrises and earlier warm month sunsets.

The American Red Cross states the time change is a great opportunity to check your smoke detectors and make sure they are working properly.

No matter how you slice it, enjoy your extra hour of sleep!

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