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By Jan Grossman, Esq.

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On any given Wednesday morning in Bucks County Protection From Abuse Court, we get a fair number of case over the eternal battle involving people trying to get hold of their lover’s cell phone data. Whether it’s stuff they’ve seen, stuff they want to see, stuff they think they’ve seen, or stuff they think they’re going to see, cell phone fights are quickly becoming a significant cause of Protection From Abuse actions and domestic assault arrests in Bucks County.

In the good old days (6 months ago), a suspicious spouse could guess, steal, or demand their significant other’s pass code and then boil internally while they wandered through incriminating texts, dating sites, seductive emails with old high school flames, flirts, pokes, etc. Of course, us divorce lawyers would always be around to pick up the pieces after the weekend, the fight, the arrest, the smashed cell phone, the spreading of the data to everybody in Levittown, the awkward confrontations, etc.

But now, us poor family lawyers are threatened by modern technology. The thumbprint pass code is here! How is a jealous, possessive boyfriend ever going to confirm how many times per day his girlfriend is with other men? How is that obsessed wife finally going to find out for sure whether her husband is really spending his lunches with the girl from accounts receivable? This is Armageddon for paranoids, stalkers and divorce lawyers everywhere.

In the attached video, the creative woman goes to outrageous lengths to satisfy her suspicions. The devious man (obviously hiding something scandalous) is one step (paw) ahead of her.

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