A Child Custody Holiday Wish


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By Jan Grossman, Esq.

With the holidays approaching, we are, unfortunately, heading into high conflict child custody season. From Halloween (yes, Halloween) through New Years, parents are withholding kids from the other parents, “misreading” holiday custody orders, and setting impossible demands on the other custodial parent for holiday visits:

“You can’t take them to your mother’s for dinner!”

” I don’t want that %+$# around my children! ”

“My children better not bring back (to my home) any presents from that &*%$#^!”

One parent is hoping to “win, ” but the kids are the only losers. Our police friends describe to us the heart breaking Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve domestic calls, with parents cursing at each other while beautifully dressed children are crying hysterically on the frozen driveway.

Please think of your kids’ feelings first this holiday season. If you are not sure of what your custody order means, please give us a call, day, night, weekends or holidays at We Care Legal Services 1-855-LAW-FAMILY. An experienced family lawyer will be on duty. At no charge, we will help you figure out any ambiguity in the wording or schedules in your holiday custody order. If you’ve misplaced your order we’ll help you replace it in time for the holidays.

The only thing kids should be worried about this holiday is the tummy ache from eating too much turkey at two loving family dinners. The only thing that custodial parents should be upset about during the holiday the horrible prospect of the Dallas Cowboys winning.

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