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Demonstrators Present Congressman With Gift Basket

Credit: Erich Martin/NewtownPANow.com

To commemorate the holiday season and Christmas in particular, demonstrators met outside of Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s Middletown office Friday.

The Friday Without Fitzpatrick group, having been moved from their regular assembly directly outside the office building at Summit Trace, brought tidings of their dissatisfaction to the congressman’s door step.

The group assembled a gift basket filled with gag gifts including an umbrella to protect him from trickle down economics and a copy of the constitution “because he has apparently forgotten parts of it,” said demonstration organizer Kierstyn Zolfo.

“He didn’t listen, and he didn’t vote against [tax reform], and he is going to be held accountable in November,” said organizer Steve Cickay.

Renee Donahey, a regular at the protests, believes in a large government that helps people who need it. From this perspective, he is unhappy with Fitzpatrick and his decisions while in office.

“The government’s purpose is to protect people, sometimes against big business,” Donahey explained.

Credit: Erich Martin/NewtownPANow.com

“It’s like an assault on people who have less, and I don’t understand why we have to be so mean,” he went on, referencing legislation that would raise taxes on many within several years and change certain aspects of Obamacare.

“He bills himself as the independent voice, but when push comes to shove, he votes with the party every time,” said Steve Bacher, a regular demonstration attendee.

“I think groups like this are being mobilized around the country,” Cickay said.

Fitzpatrick’s staffers accepted the gift basket.

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