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New Chief County Detective Sworn In

Bucks County Detectives Chief Martin McDonough being sworn in on Friday. Credit: County of Bucks

A new leader for the Bucks County Detectives, who operate across the county as part of the district attorney’s office, was sworn in Friday morning.

Martin McDonough, a 32-year lawman who has already been working for the agency, took the oath of office with his wife of more than 30 years, their two adult daughters, and family looking on. He thanked those “who kept me grounded, who made me the person and the man I am today.”

The new chief detective is a native of Northampton and started his career in law enforcement as a Northampton police dispatcher before joining Warrington police as a patrol officer five years later in 1987. McDonough, 55, joined the Bucks County Detectives in 2000 and has served as a volunteer firefighter in Northampton and Warwick for 30 years.

“You check all of the boxes, Marty,” said District Attorney Matt Weintraub, who promoted McDonough to the position. “You’re an excellent detective, highly organized, but you’re everyman, too.”

“I know that I have selected somebody that I can count on,” Weintraub said. “I also know that I’ve selected someone to be the Chief of County Detectives that you all can count on. He’s going to be a wonderful partner in continuing to keep the citizens of Bucks County safe for the future, and to leave a lasting legacy beyond that.”

Credit: County of Bucks

McDonough oversees 23 detectives, including members of a drug strike force. The plainclothes detectives lead their own investigations and assist local police departments when requested or during high-profile or complex cases.

“I’m grateful to District Attorney Weintraub for the opportunity he has given me and am excited to start this new chapter of my career,” McDonough said. “I have worked with the smartest and brightest group of detectives, and now I’m proud and honored to be called chief of their unit.”

The new chief detective thanked his predecessor, Chris McAteer, who retired earlier this month after a 45-year career at the Bristol Township Police Department, Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, and leading the Bucks County Detectives since 2009.

“Thank you, Chris McAteer, for putting together such an excellent team,” McDonough said.

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