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Tyler State Park Closes For Annual Deer Hunt

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources allowed a one-day deer hunt at Tyler State Park to control the deer population.

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Tyler State Park, the sprawling 1,711-acre area public space spanning Newtown, Northampton, and Wrightstown townships, was temporarily closed to the public on Wednesday for the annual deer hunt.

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) law enforcement rangers blocked entrances to the park as hunters conducted their annual one-day deer hunt.

The DCNR, in collaboration with wildlife biologists, has determined in the past that the deer population within the park is negatively impacting its natural habitat.

Credit: Tom Sofield/

Officials have noted in previous statements that the deer are causing harm by over-browsing on tree saplings, forest understory, shrubs, and wildflowers. The deer have led to a reduction in the biological diversity of both plant and animal species in the park.

In an effort to address this issue, the annual hunt targets both antlered and antlerless deer to thin their numbers and restore ecological balance.

The hunt, which concluded around 3 p.m., was only open to hunters possessing special state permits.

Given the park’s proximity to residential areas, Newtown Middle School, and the main campus of Bucks County Community College, extra precautions were taken with rangers keeping the public away from potential danger zones during the hunt.

Credit: Tom Sofield/

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