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Introducing ‘Undercover Diner’ – Honest Reviews From A Local Foodie

An introduction from our restaurant reviewer.

Credit: Undercover Diner

A great big “hello” to all the food lovers across the area and beyond! I’m thrilled to join,, and as your new restaurant reviewer, though you’ll come to know me as the “Undercover Diner.”

As a person who’s spent a lifetime around kitchens—both professionally and personally—I’ve developed a well-reasoned palate and a deep appreciation for the culinary arts. Food has not only been a job but also a hobby and a creative outlet for me. For many years, it paid my bills!

I’ve lived and dined extensively within our Bucks County and surrounding areas, and occasionally venture out to the food scenes of NYC and Philadelphia. But, no matter where I am, I’ve always been impressed by how a good meal can bring people together. A good meal can bring joy and conversation. My life has taught me that dining is more than just eating; it’s an event, a celebration, and even an adventure.

For transparency and to ensure authenticity in my reviews, I will remain anonymous. This way, I can experience meals just as you would, without any special treatment. My goal is not to criticize unjustly or hurt local businesses but to provide honest, constructive, and enjoyable reviews. I understand the effort that goes into each meal and also the expectations of diners who invest their hard-earned money for a special meal out.

In these times, both restaurants and diners face unprecedented pressures, and honest reviews are more important than ever.

My reviews might be based on just one meal or a number of meals, a meal by myself, or with my spouse, or with a group of friends, but all will be authentic. I can promise that.

Several years ago, I approached Publisher Tom Sofield in a call about the possibility of writing for you. Although it wasn’t the right time then, I’m ready now to commit to exploring our culinary landscape, bringing you one or two reviews each month.

While most will focus on the towns covered by,, and, don’t be surprised to find the occasional column from Philadelphia or NYC if I have a noteworthy meal. For my first columns, I will be writing a review for restaurants in the areas covered by all three sites.

Don’t expect lots of artful food photos, as I don’t consider myself a culinary photographer. My phone won’t cut it, and I hope my writing gives you a true senses of the meals we try.

I’m here to uncover the hidden gems, to celebrate what’s working, and suggest what might be improved.

If it’s a casual dinner, a milestone celebration, or a culinary adventure, my reviews, I hope, will capture the experience of each meal. I hope to be informative, fair, and always add a touch of fun.

With fork in hand and a belly ready to be filled, bon appétit!

For suggestions or feedback, email and put “Undercover Diner” in the subject line.

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