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Undercover Diner: Cozy Meal At Popular Newtown Restaurant & Bar

We made a trip to The Green Parrot.

Credit: Undercover Diner

On a chilly afternoon, my dining companion and I ventured to The Green Parrot in Newtown Township. Nestled on Sycamore Street, this restaurant and sports bar with a patio is known for its laid-back atmosphere and festivals, including for St. Patrick’s Day.

Our experience, while mixed in expectation due to prior reviews, ended on a positive note. The bill didn’t break the bank and we felt we got what we paid for.

The ambiance inside The Green Parrot is welcoming with a spacious interior that allowed for a comfortable dining experience, even on busy day. There were TVs for those who don’t miss a game.

As we settled in, the warmth of the indoor setting was a pleasant break from the chilly weather outside. Once we were seated, we even thought there was a cozy ambiance.

We kicked off our experience with an appetizer of Reuben egg rolls, a delightful surprise. The egg rolls were perfectly crispy on the outside and had a savory filling. They blended tenderness with a satisfying crunch. A highlight was the Bavarian pretzel served with dipping sauces, including a rich beer cheese and tangy mustard. For us, it was a must-try dish.

My dining partner chose the chicken pot pie, which was quickly devoured. The flaky puff pastry and accompanying salad were very good.

Credit: Undercover Diner

For the main course, I opted for the Parrot Double Burger complemented by chipotle mayonnaise. While the burger was tasty, a better bun could have elevated the dish. Nevertheless, the fries stole the show with their exceptional seasoning. I wished I had ordered just a side of those.

Service throughout our visit was attentive without being intrusive, adding to a pleasant dining experience.

Before leaving, the dining room was becoming more and more filled. It was a testament to the restaurant’s popularity among locals.

In retrospect, I regret not trying the Parrot Prime Dip, a dish recommended by our server and praised afterwards by a friend. The friend also said we should have ordered the pulled pork sliders and Buffalo pizza. Next time!

Curiosity about the establishment’s name led me to discover it was a nod to Bucks County history. The Green Parrot is named after the former Green Parrot Inn, a Newtown tavern at one time.

Overall, The Green Parrot provided a satisfying dining experience with a few minor tweaks that could enhance the culinary offerings. We felt it was a solid choice for anyone in the Newtown area looking for a relaxed meal in a friendly setting.

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