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Police Log: Drug Deal Turns Out Be Son Helping Dad, Suspicious Man On Segway & More

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July 19

Fireworks Call

Shortly before 11 p.m., police were dispatched to the area of Fair Oaks Court for the report of fireworks. Upon arrival, police checked the area and did not observe or hear any fireworks.

July 20

Suspicious Person

At 1:30 a.m., police were advised of a suspicious male walking down the road in the area of Eagle Road and Stoopville Road. Police arrived in the area and located the male. He was identified, and it was determined that the man was walking home due to his car running out of gas at Stoopville Road and Clymer Street. Police provided the man with a courtesy transport to his residence.

Suspicious Incident 

Just before 1:30 pm police responded to a Society Place residence for the report of a suspicious circumstance. According to the complainant, there was a loud bang outside of her house near her neighbor’s front door. Police discovered that an apple had been thrown against the side of one of the houses. The siding was not damaged.

Suspicious Incident 

At approximately 8:15 p.m., police responded to the Newtown Cemetery for the report of a bicycle laying near the cemetery since that morning. Police searched inside and outside of the cemetery and did not locate the bicycle.

Suspicious Incident 

Police were dispatched to the area of Headley Drive around 11:30 pm for the report of a suspicious circumstance. It was reported that several people were inside the pool area after hours. Police searched the area and did not locate any individuals trespassing.

July 21

Attempted Fraud 

Around 3:30 p.m., police responded to the TD Bank located on Upper Silver Lake Road for the report of an attempted bank fraud. It was reported that the actors were no longer on scene, and an investigation into their identities is ongoing at this time.


At approximately 6:15 pm police were dispatched to Acqua E Farina for the report of an unknown male that had trespassed in the office area. It was reported that he was no longer on scene and that nothing was missing. Police searched the area with negative contact.

July 22

Suspicious Incident 

Shortly after 10:15 a.m., a Westwood Court resident contacted police to report a suspicious circumstance. The complainant explained that two repair men with the air condition company she hired were in her home doing repairs two hours prior. After they left, the complainant heard a noise and discovered that one of the repair men was back inside of her house. When she questioned him, he explained that he forgot something and then left. The complainant does not believe that he knocked first and found this extremely suspicious.


A Newtown Township resident responded to headquarters around 1:30 p.m. to file a fraud complaint. The complainant explained that he received an email from someone with his friend’s name that instructed him to buy three Apple iTunes gift cards valued at $100 each. The complainant was unfamiliar with the email address and was unable to reach his friend to verify. He went to Staples and purchased the gift cards. Before he replied to the email with the gift card information, his friend reached out to him. He realized the email he received was a scam and was able to contact Staples to get a refund.

Suspicious Incident 

Just after 1:30 pm police responded to the Acme Market parking lot for the report of a suspicious occurrence. According to the complainant, he saw an older man sitting in a car that was approached by a younger man. The complainant then saw them exchange money and thought that it might be a drug deal. Police arrived and made contact with the older man sitting in the car. Police verified his well-being since he was sitting in the car during an excessive heat wave and also verified that he was there food shopping with his son. No further action was taken as the suspicion was deemed unfounded.


A Newtown Township resident responded to headquarters around 3:30 p.m. to report wire fraud. She explained that Verizon notified her of four new Apple iPhones, valued at $750 each, that were purchased with her account and photo identification in Georgia. The victim disputed the purchases and denied authorization. She was advised to contact the credit reporting bureaus and to notify a monitoring service since her personal information was jeopardized.

Road Hazard

Police were dispatched to the area of the Newtown Bypass and Summit Trace Road for a hazardous condition at approximately 8:30 p.m.. On scene, police located a tree that had fallen and was partially blocking the right lane of the bypass. PennDot was notified and arrived to remove the tree from the roadway.

Suspicious Incident 

While on routine patrol around 11 p.m., an officer observed a suspicious occupied vehicle at Helen Randle Park. The officer made contact with the two occupants who explained that they were waiting for a friend to get off of work. Police advised them that the park was closed, and they left the area without issue.

July 23

Suspicious Incident

Police were dispatched to the area of Grant Street and Fountain Farm Lane for a suspicious vehicle around 1:15 a.m.. It was reported that there was a sedan parked with its passenger door wide open and no one was in site. Police arrived and upon further investigation, discovered the vehicle owner. It belonged to a Grant Street resident who verified that nothing appeared abnormal and that nothing was missing from the car.

Downed Wires

At approximately 9:00 a.m., police responded to the area of South Sycamore Street and Barclay Street for the report of wires down and a transformer sparking. Newtown Fire Department arrived on scene to clear the issue.

Suspicious Incident 

Around 1 p.m., police responded to the area of Davis Lane and North Ascot Court for the report of a suspicious male with a Segway. Police made contact with the male and verified that he is a solicitor for Aptive Environmental with an active solicitor permit from the township. For a complete list of active solicitor permits and their expiration dates please visit our website:

July 24


Just before 11 a.m., police responded to the Santander Bank located at 3 Terry Drive for the report of a juvenile female attempting to withdraw money from her account that had fraudulent checks deposited into it the day prior. Upon arrival, police apprehended three suspects. The investigation is ongoing at this time.


At 4:30 p.m., police were dispatched to the Bucks County Community College parking lot to investigate a hit and run. The victim’s car was parked and unoccupied while she attended class. During that time, it appears that an unknown white colored vehicle swiped the driver’s side of the car. Damage was sustained to her vehicle and white paint transfer was left behind.

July 25

Suspicious Incident

While on routine patrol around 11 p.m., an officer observed the stadium lights on at Council Rock High School North. Finding this suspicious, the officer responded and made contact with four juveniles that were trespassing on the field. The juveniles identified themselves as members of the football team and explained that they were preparing for training camp. The officer pointed out several of the signs that prohibit trespassing after hours, and the juveniles cooperated and left.

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