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Troopers: Motorcycle Gang Member Ordered Murder Of Newtown Twp. Woman

An alleged member of a notorious motorcycle gang has been arrested and accused of soliciting the murder of a Newtown Township woman, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

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An alleged member of a notorious motorcycle gang has been arrested and accused of soliciting the murder of a Newtown Township woman, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

On February 17 at 1:24 a.m., a trooper on patrol on Route 13 in the area of Edgely Road in Bristol Township spotted a red motorcycle pull onto the roadway from the area of the Edgely Inn and make an illegal U-turn. The motorcyclist then pulled over, state police said.

Spotting the traffic infraction, the trooper on patrol pulled his vehicle up behind the stopped motorcycle and activated his emergency lights, state police said.

The motorcyclist – named in court papers as Scott Richard Alford, 52, of Philadelphia – was identified as being involved in a recent incident with troopers and for having an assault warrant out for his arrest stemming from an incident in Lower Southampton Township, troopers said.

According to state police, the trooper informed Alford of the reason for the traffic stop. He responded that he didn’t have his driver’s license, registration, and insurance card.

Alford was handcuffed while the trooper ran his name and confirmed the Lower Southampton Township Police Department arrest warrant, state police said.

Alford was told he was being taken into custody for the Lower Southampton Township warrant and he was allowed one phone call.

Around 8 a.m. and while in custody, Alford allegedly called someone identified as “Joe” and left a voicemail. He reportedly told Joe he was going to jail on a “family warrant” and said: “Kill that b***h when you have the chance.”

Troopers said the call was captured on dash camera footage.

Alford was preliminarily arraigned on the Lower Southampton Township police warrant and bail was set at 10 percent of $50,000.

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In the assault case, police alleged Alford went into a Lower Southampton Township business in January and pointed a handgun at a woman he knew. He was said to have threatened the woman before leaving.

While awaiting Pennsylvania State Constables to arrive to transport Alford to the Bucks County Correctional Facility and with a trooper and municipal police officer not far away, Alford used his phone to call an unknown person, state police said.

“It’s a green light on [woman’s name]. Go get that f**king b***h,” Alford allegedly said.

The Lower Southampton Township officer and the trooper determined the name Alford mentioned was the reported victim in the assault case. The woman was confirmed to live in Newtown Township, state police said.

Newtown Township police were advised of the threats against the woman, state police said.

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According to law enforcement, Alford is a sergeant in the Pagan Outlaw Motorcycle Gang. The arresting trooper reported Alford confirmed that to him.

“It should be noted that the words expressed by Alford in relation to [the Newtown Township woman] were taken by this trooper as a threat on her life. I further believe that, as a sergeant for the Pagans, Alford was giving permission to have [the Newtown Township woman] killed,” the trooper wrote in charging documents.

Alford has been charged with two counts each of criminal solicitation of homicide, attempted witness/victim intimidation, and attempted criminal use of a communication facility. He was preliminarily arraigned by District Judge Michael Gallagher and jailed in lieu of 10 percent of $5 million bail.

Editor’s Note: All individuals arrested or charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The story was compiled using information from police and public court documents.

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