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More Than 500 Members Of Law Enforcement Involved In Danelo Cavalcante Search

The inmate is being sought by hundreds of law enforcement officials.

Danelo Cavalcante.

Pennsylvania State Police said Tuesday that they believe they’ve cornered an escaped murderer, Danelo Cavalcante, 34, within a specific area of Chester County.

Over 500 law enforcement officials from municipal, state, and federal levels descended on the county after a motorist reported seeing Cavalcante on Monday night.

Lt. Col. George Bivens of the Pennsylvania State Police confirmed Cavalcante allegedly stole boots and a rifle from a garage, where the owner attempted to shoot him once he was spotted. There’s no evidence Cavalcante was injured.

Authorities said Cavalcante discarded sweatshirt and his prison-issued sneakers. He is now thought to be shirtless, wearing blue trousers.

Bivens said he had confidence in the combined efforts of local, state, and federal teams to apprehend Cavalcante.

Bivens urged residents to secure their homes and vehicles if they were in the area of the search.

“We have always considered him to be very dangerous. … We considered him desperate. We considered him dangerous,” Bivens said.

Flight logs indicate state police resources, including a plane and helicopter, were aiding the search.

Fox 29 showed footage of local and federal tactical units and mounted teams searching for the escaped convict.

Although Cavalcante has previously eluded capture, Bivens previously commented that the fugitive was likely still in Chester County without the means to leave the state.

Rob Clark, supervisory deputy U.S marshal, stressed law enforcement has been utilizing several strategies to track Cavalcante down.

Cavalcante’s sister has been taken into custody for visa-related issues, and deportation proceedings are underway. She declined to assist investigators, state police said.

Cavalcante was recently found guilty of murdering his former girlfriend in Chester County and is wanted for a 2017 murder in Brazil, according to the BBC.

Cavalcante’s escape from the Chester County Prison involved scaling a wall, moving past razor wire, and exiting through the rooftop. Officials believe he might have replicated an escape technique used by another inmate from the same facility.

State police are authorized to use lethal force if Cavalcante resists arrest, as reported by

The Chester County District Attorney’s Office is offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information that results in Cavalcante’s capture. Tips can be submitted via 9-1-1 or directly to 717-562-2987.

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