Owner Of Guru’s Indian Cuisine Says They Will Be Back

News of the sale went public last week.

Guru’s in Newtown.
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One of the owners of Guru’s Indian Cuisine has responded to the news the business is for sale.

After news of the sale went public last week, Priya Guru, who owns the popular Newtown Township restaurant and bar with her husband Ashnikumar, took to social media to update customers.

Recently, SVN Commercial Real Estate listed the building at the corner of North Sycamore and Jefferson streets for sale.

The Gurus are soliciting those interested as they work to adopt two girls from India, which could take an unknown amount of time, said Chichi Ahia, an executive director and principal at SVN Commercial Real Estate.

Guru’s Indian Cuisine closed earlier this month so the owners could focus on the adoption of two girls and the steps that come along with it.

“We tried for over 11 months to do everything in our power to continue Gurus operations while we are gone but sadly we couldn’t make it happen. We do not have huge savings ourselves to pay the hefty mortgage every month so we had to approach bank for the possible solution for the situation, and the conversations were not very cooperative and in the end the building did go on the sale,” Priya Guru said.

“We were told that if the building is not sold by the time we are back, we are welcome to continue our operations. Now if it does get sold by the time we are back to satisfy the loan we will be looking for new home for Gurus,” she added.

Despite the uncertainty, Priya Guru remains optimistic about the restaurant’s future.

She stated that if the building has not sold by their return, they are welcome to resume operations. However, she acknowledges the possibility of seeking a new location for Guru’s Indian Cuisine if the sale takes place.

“As we always said, as long as Baba is cooking, I’m serving to all of you beautiful family Guru is anywhere that is happening,” Priya Guru said.

Guru’s Indian Cuisine has been a fixture in Newtown Township since 2015, and the business relocated to its current location in 2019.

The 5,900-square-foot building has seating for more than 140 customers both indoors and outdoors.

The building has a basement, the restaurant and bar on the first floor, apartments on the second floor, and an attic.

The building was constructed in 1796 and has had several expansions over the centuries. It has served as a restaurant and bar in recent decades.

A new southern Indian food eatery is expected to open a bit further down Sycamore Street in Newtown Township later this year.

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