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Council Rock North Students Fight Underage Drinking For Super Bowl

Students from Council Rock North High School’s Students Against Destructive Decisions partnered with nonprofit TMA Bucks to curb underage drinking.

Students put stickers on pizza boxes last Friday.
Credit: TMA Bucks

Students from Council Rock North High School’s Students Against Destructive Decisions partnered with nonprofit TMA Bucks to curb underage drinking.

The group issued “don’t supply alcohol to minors” awareness stickers that were placed on pizza boxes sold from pizza shops in the area over Super Bowl weekend.

Ahead of the Super Bowl, TMA Bucks staff, Council  Rock High School North High School SADD students, and advisor Danielle Holsey along with Newtown Township police officers gathered Friday at Vince’s Pizzeria and Taproom on Durham Road in Wrightstown Township to place the stickers on pizza boxes that were distributed leading up to the big game.

“This initiative is very important to us because as a local business owner we not only employ a large number of local high school kids but we are raising four children in this community as well,” said Vince’s Pizzeria and Taproom owner Heather Murray.

Credit: TMA Bucks

The goal of the sticker shock campaign was to inform people of the risks and potential legal repercussions of serving alcohol to those under the age of 21.

Dominick’s Pizzeria on Durham Road in Wrightstown Township also took part in the sticker campaign.

“This is about spreading awareness in the community and letting everyone know the consequences of buying alcohol for minors,” said TMA Bucks Community Traffic Safety Program manager Carly Mannon. “We work diligently in the high schools throughout the year reminding students to never drink and drive and not having access to alcohol is the very first step in avoiding a possible tragedy.”

Murray said Vince’s Pizzeria and Taproom supports educating the public about the dangers of underage drinking.

“When youth drink, they tend to drink intensively, often consuming many drinks at one time. This can cause them to make poor decisions and engage in activities that can harm not only themselves, but other innocent people. We believe that the more we can educate people about the harm of underage drinking as well as the harm of supplying alcohol to minors, it in turn could potentially prevent a child or adult from making a choice that could ruin their lives or other families,” she said.

Credit: TMA Bucks

Through its Bucks County High School Seatbelt Safety Challenge, TMA Bucks has collaborated with Council Rock High School North SADD students over the years, and the idea to impliment the sticker campaign came up in the fall during a presentation on teen driver safety.

“So much of what we do at TMA Bucks is work within our community to get life-saving messaging out about driver safety,” said TMA Bucks Deputy Director David Walter. “We value such great partnerships like the one we have with Council Rock North and we appreciate local pizza shops like Vince’s Pizzeria and Taproom stepping up to help us reach such a large audience. It is this type of community engagement that can really make an impact.”

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