New Owner Secured For Recently-Closed Wycombe House Restaurant & Bar

The Wycombe House has reportedly been purchased by an individual linked to a popular restaurant in Newtown.

Credit: The Wycombe House

Less than three weeks after closing, The Wycombe House in Wrightstown Township has reportedly secured a new owner.

Present owner Jerry Driscoll said there were a number of offers after the restaurant and bar closed and one has been accepted, according to the Bucks County Courier Times.

While a non-disclosure agreement barred Driscoll from announcing who bought the business, he told the newspaper this week that the person purchasing the business “is someone involved with a popular restaurant in Newtown.”

The new development follows the closure of the 142-seat eatery in the village of Wycombe near the Lingohocken Fire Company station on December 29.

The restaurant and bar closed earlier than planned, ahead of its scheduled final day on New Year’s Eve, following last month’s announcement of its impending closure.

In a letter to customers prior to the closure, Driscoll extended his appreciation to patrons and staff for their support. He cited several factors that contributed to the decision to close, including inflation, increased mortgage costs for the building, and liquor price hikes by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Additionally, Driscoll noted a decrease in dining out habits among people.

Significant investments were made into The Wycombe House that included Driscoll reportedly investing over $1.5 million in 2022 to transform the former Wycombe Publick House into the refreshed establishment.

The renovation encompassed extensive updates to both the interior and exterior of the restaurant that sits at the crossroads between the lower and central ends of the county.

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